Audience And Pop Culture Essay

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Amanda Lichtl Audience and Pop Culture Research Shakespeare's plays were performed at the Globe Theater, which is located in London, England. The audiences at the Golbe Theater included the general public referred to as the groudlings who would stand in the pit of the theater. These audience members would pay one penny, which was almost an entire day's wage in order to stand in front of the stage. Shakespeare's audience members included butchers, millers, iron-workers, tanners, servants, shopkeepers, and countless other tradesmen along with their families. Rich nobles and other members of higher society also attended the plays, but they enjoyed the plays from covered galleries equipped with comfortable chairs set on the side of the stage. These richer patrons paid as much as half a crown for their seats. Both men and women attended the plays, but oftentimes the prosperous women would wear masks to hide their identity. The Globe Theater attracted vast audiences and was extremely popular. Audience members of Shakespeare's playes were far more boisterous than the patrons of the theater in today's society. These people were hot-tempered and loud, and were interested in what was happening on the stage as well as off. Those of higher ranks who attended Shakespeare's plays at the Glope Theater were ignorant people, in a sense. They were well educated people, and looked upon the groundlings as nothing. Those who attended Shakespeare's plays in Medieval England ranged from poor peasants, to rich and high rank nobles; both of which enjoyed Shakespeare and his plays. The literary works of Shakespeare are just as popular in today's society as they were back in his era. Many of his poems and plays are read and studdied in schools across America, and are very popular among older generations of people. In addition, several of Shakespeare's plays have been made into current

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