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Cris McCloud CA 109 Audience Analysis Researching and learning about the backgrounds and attitudes of your audience is called audience analysis. Audience analysis is an extremely important part of speech writing, as it allows you to determine a topic and almost all other activities with writing your speech. Analyzing your audience can be done in a formal or informal manner. A formal analysis would be done through a formal survey with carefully written questions. An informal analysis would be done by observing the audience and asking questions directly. The method of audience analysis being used for my speech is a formal method with a survey. The survey has collected demographic, such as age, gender, race and culture and psychographic information, which will help determine how your audience will react. Demographically we have a class that is almost equally divided with men and women. More than 70% of the class is people ranging in age from 25-35 years old. Of the men and women in the class, 82.5% are employed by a for-profit company or business and 95.8% are employed for wages. Seventy-nine percent of our classmates are married and another 15% have been married in the past and currently divorced. As well, 79.2% have 1 or more children, with the majority of the class members having 2 children. More than half of the class are homeowners and use credit cards regularly. There are several activities that are commonly shared as well; more than 40% of the class members are interested in charities and volunteer work, self improvement, outdoor gardening, gourmet and fine foods, and bicycling and running. More than 60% of our classmates are interested in physical fitness and exercise, as well as, reading books and watching sports on TV. The psychographics of our class members are similar in many ways. The majority of our class members value and

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