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Preparing Persuasive Speech 1. What is your topic? My topic is Organ Donation. 2. What are the main sides of the issue? The main sides of this issue are whether or not to be an organ donar. 3. What is your position on the issue? My position on the issue is that you should definitely be an organ donar. 4. Explain how your experiences and background make you more likely to believe the way that you do about the issue. I am an organ donar myself, my aunt received a kidney donation, and I know many other people whose lives have been improved by organ donation. 5. What will you try to persuade your audience to do as a result of listening to your speech? I will try to persuade my audience to become an organ donar, if they aren’t already one. 6. What are possible objections to your position? The objections are that you won’t be born with your organs, and that some people think it is wrong. 7. List reasons that your position is the correct one. My position is correct because it saves lives. Also, when someone dies they obviousl y have no need for their organs any longer. Although some families believe it is wrong, there is no reason that a dead person needs their organs when they could be used to save someone else’s life. 8. What are the benefits of persuading the audience to take the action you will call for in your speech? a. Short-term benefits : Make the audience feel as though they have helped their community, and make them feel like a better person. b. Long-term benefits: Their organs could be used to save someone’s life, for a long

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