Audience Analysis

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Running head: AUDIENCE ANALYSIS PAPER Audience Analysis Paper Business Communications July 22, 2010 Audience Analysis Paper The following paper will outline the salesperson audience and many characteristic one must consider when presenting quarterly sales information. As I proceed with the presentation, I will discuss about different channels that are appropriate to consider keeping in mind given the diversity of the audience in the meeting. Addressing managers, stakeholders, including salespeople, and customers one must change as a salesperson to conduct a separate illustrations to target the quarterly sale for each of the departments, for example if one is targeting the stakeholder one would use charts to help gain understanding of the profits share in the company. One must consider his or her audience as a presenter and many characteristics that one maybe be encountered when approached by an audience. In a presentation the speaker is the main target of its topic and one has to consider that all audiences act different. The audience body language and mannerism can determine how the presentation will either be a successful presentation or not. Understanding and approaching the audience correctly by the speaker will always be a win situation for the speaker because he or she understood what its audience needed to hear. If a speaker is aware of his or her audience the presentation can be effective for the speaker to point out details that would be the interest for the professional group of people, collar workers, or political parties. One must be self-conscience of to address illustrations of figures or facts to avoid any confrontation if the facts are changing on daily. Evaluating on facts that may be familiar to the audience can be

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