Audacity Of Hope And Dreams Of My Father Analysis

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President Obama and his game plan as it relates to his strategy of dealing with luring the Black vote right after he was elected in '08, following four years of basically neglecting and ignoring their plight. In 1897 the great Black activist and scholar Dr. William Edward Burghardt Du Bois wrote, “What, after all, am I? Am I an American or am I a Negro? Can I be both? Or is it my duty to cease to be a Negro as soon as possible and be an American? If I strive as a Negro, am I not perpetuating the very cleft that threatens and separates Black and White America? Is not my only possible practical aim the subduction of all that is Negro in me to the American? Does my (B)lack blood place upon me any more obligation to assert my nationality than German or Irish or Italian blood would?” And, in 1961, during Reconstruction II -- the Civil Rights movement -- Dr. Bu Bois said, “It is fair to admit that most Negroes, even those of intelligence and courage, do not fully realize that they are being bribed to trade equal status in the U.S. for the slavery of the majority of men.” We reside in…show more content…
Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. extensively. However, the “center right” policies and practices of President Obama’s administration have almost completely turned its back on the three major objects of Dr. King’s wrath, enemies against which he had devoted almost his entire life – e.g. racism, poverty, and war! Again, as I stated in the above, I understand the game President Obama is playing given whom he is trying to appease and the far right of center competition he’ll be facing come the 2012 elections. But Dr. King knew he’d be killed from the warnings he had been getting from the FBI and J. Edgar Hoover, and yet he never let up or gave in to the White center, southern segregationists, or even the northern liberal

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