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INTRODUCTION In an effort satisfy his quest for knowledge; the human has developed a lot of strategies through which he can acquire information on issues affecting his day to day affairs. Among such strategies was the invention of radio back in the nineteen century. Radio involves the process of sending and receiving messages through electrical waves, (Sambe 2008). The radio as a medium of communication is advantageous in many respects because of its long distance mode of communication and portability (Stenhouse cited in Maikaba 2005).Apart from covering a wider area, it can also be moved easily from one location to another. The above characteristics of radio have therefore increased its acceptability most especially in the third world and other developing countries like Nigeria. According to Maikaba (2005:87): In Nigeria considering the low level of education of the citizenry, radio is considered the most popular medium. It is cheap and accessible to many households and thus serves to keep the listener informed, educated and entertained on important events and happening as they occur locally and globally. A lot of studies have shown that an average person in the northern part of Nigeria relied on radio to get information on happenings around his immediate environment and beyond. Radio has therefore become a very powerful tool in the hands of the owner be it government or private individuals because the medium not only informs and educates, but also enlightens, publicise and mobilise the people towards achieving a particular objective or goal. Apart from this, individuals most especially with the current advancement in information technology, use radio as an avenue to voice out their opinion on issues such as government policies and programmes, religion, politics, culture and traditions among others. To achieve some of the

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