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HELLHOLE Journalist and author Atul Gawande in his article “Hellhole.” He wrote the United States is holding thousands of inmates in long term solitary confinement, which he states is “torture.” Because of their environment, and the length of time being in isolation, some of which became mentally ill. In fact he states, “We are social in a more elemental way: simply to exist as a normal human being requires interaction with other people.” Gawande also states, “The main argument for using long-term isolation in prisons is to provide discipline and prevent violence,” but study done in 2003 by analysis…show more content…
“Britain, for example they implemented a strategy that focus on preventing prison violence rather than delivering more brutal series of punishments. The British decided to give their most dangerous prisoners more control, rather than less. They reduced isolation and offered them opportunities for work, education, and special programming to increase social ties and skills. In these reformed “Close Supervision Centers,” prisoners could receive mental-health treatment, more phone calls, “contact visits,” and even access to cooking facilities. The government set up an independent body of inspectors to track the results and enable adjustments based on the data. The results have been impressive. The use of long-term isolation England is now negligible. In all of England, there are now fewer prisoners in “extreme custody.” Europe has a similar approach dealing with violence prevention and they have accomplished similar success. Why could not America try this approach, rather than torturing the citizens? After being release from isolation, they are return to society, which they have no social interaction with, cognitively impaired, any psychological, or physiological help, makes it highly possible for them returning to crime. Gawande spoke with the state prison commissioner who has publicly defended long-term isolation uses states “He would remove most prisoners from long-term isolation if he could and provide programming for mental illness cause that’s what most of them have.” He further told Gawande that “he tried to remove an inmate from isolation; the Legislators called for him to be fired and threatened to withhold basic funding, even hostile stories appeared in tabloids. Isolation could be removed by the stroke of a pen, It is pointless for commissioner to act unlaterally without a change in public

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