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Rob Wengrzyn from the Education Portal states that, “Attribution theory is how people interpret events and, in their minds, relate them to the way they think or behave. The behavior can be centered internally, or caused by internal attributes, wherein the behavior is being caused by something inside the person, or by external attributes, which points the cause of the behavior at the situation, not the person.” This theory can be most observed in a working environment where you have a variety of people present. There are three determinants of Attribution which are consistency, distinctiveness, and consensus. Consistency asks if the person would act in the same manner given the exact same set of parameters. If he or she indeed performs the same way then they are said to have a high consistency. If he or she does not follow the same line of action then he or she is said to have low consistency. Given the case of a child in a daycare center around a bunch of kids talking non-stop; if he also speaks non-stop at a family reunion, then he is said to have a high consistency. Then there is distinctiveness. Distinctiveness describes a person that acts the same way in different situations. I he or she acts the same in different venues then we can say that their distinctiveness is low. If at the running of the bulls we experience a person screaming and yelling running off into the sunset, yet at a birthday party we also see that person screaming and yelling running off into the sunset, then we would say that their behavior is not

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