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Running head: ATTRIBUTES OF A GOOD RESOURCE Attributes of a Good Resource COMM/215 University of Phoenix Attributes of a Good Resource When writing a research paper the most important piece of the project is the research. Many different sources of information are available including, but not limited to, books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, text books, how-to books, and the internet. Resources provide information to backup the point or points the writer is trying to make, or supplements the paper with more information. A resource directs the reader to a place where he or she can learn more about the subject. Using a reference bolsters a paper by providing “proof” about the paper’s topic. When using the internet to research for a paper, Sharkey (2007) states, “There are five basic criteria that you can use to evaluate Internet sites, which are very similar to the criteria used for evaluating other resources. • Accuracy • Authority • Objectivity • Currency • Coverage” (¶1). The above criteria can be used to validate all types of resource materials. Brief explanations of each quality are below: Accuracy – The author must cite the information sources they used for their internet page or article, the same way a student writing a research paper would, and do links in the Reference section take you to valid internet sites? Authority – Is the author of your source an authority on the topic? When writing a research paper about cardiac transplant, the article or site for the research must be written by a cardiologist, not Rachel Ray. Objectivity – When researching is the writer of the source information objective in providing information. The article used should not have a political or advertising objective. Ensure the author is not trying to sway public opinion on the topic. Currency – The article or web site used must be current. The date of the

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