Attraction or Distraction Essay

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Attraction or Distraction? Even though Starbucks Cafés are popular with millions of people across the country, many residents and employees of West Chester University have a different opinion of one café in particular. While some people may see the addition of the new Starbucks Café to the Academic Quad as desirable and convenient, many others see it as an annoyance or a distraction. The Academic Quad once was, and still should be considered a symbol of education for students, professors, and visitors of the campus. With that said, is it right that there is now a commercial business in the Quad: the heart of the University? Many people I have met say they love Starbucks and say having a Starbucks in the Quad is a great thing. Its close by and very accessible. For example, “I love being able to grab a drink or a bagel on my way to class,” said one student. I too enjoy the occasional cup of Starbucks coffee but I believe that getting our Starbucks in the Quad is coming at too high a price. I believe that the Quad should be a place where students go to study and learn, and that the campus should always try to uphold that image and keep the area focused on education. Placing a Starbucks right in the middle of all this is a distraction for students that may take some focus away from their work and studies. Not only that, but it is very out of place and is not very nice to look at when compared to the flowers, trees, and historic buildings that surround it. Being a student at West Chester, I can attest to these claims with personal experience. I pass the Starbucks at least once a day, five days a week, and find myself thinking more about what drink I should order rather than the test I am about to take. Even when I am on the other side of the Quad, that big green sign always finds a way to distract me. A few students who wrote letters in The

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