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Chapter 3 Attraction Pshychology 121 Attraction Attraction is something we have for people or things and presence that are rewarding to us. We have a proximity level that we go about using in our attractions. This will allow us to select our friends and enemies that are around us. Another proximity in attraction is convenience that is rewarding, but also can be suffuring in a relationship is distance, This causes a person to be less interested then if the other party was able to be with them on the dime of a call. In order to have a relationships with constant communication, having familiarity (repeated contact) can increase the interest that someone has for one another. Did you ever think about how important it is to have the person you are attracted to close by? Things can be very costly when dealing with a long distance relationship. According to, Miller Perlman, Intimate Relations "long distant relationships are more costly"(pg. 74). Some people have different preferences to what they are attracted to. Culture can play a big part in their attractions. In some cases religion plays apart, but with things like arrainged marriages, how can people be attracted to someone that they never met or know they are going to marry ahead of time? I think attraction plays a big part in a relationship. I have a 20 year old and she says " how can I get to your personality if I can't get pass your face". I really don't agree with her. She can be very vain at times. Either way it goes. Attraction is something different for everyone. The most important thing for me is just how someone treats me. An attraction for me isn’t how someone looks, but how they talk and treat me. This chapter in the book really hit some great points such as how peoples facial features are attractions to men and woman. I found the similarity section rather

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