attitudes towards divorce

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ATTITUDES TO DIVORCE IN THE SOCIETY AND IN THE CHURCH Marriage is not only the principal building block of society in general and of the church in particular, but it also occupies a key place in human life. In the early modern period, the institution of marriage was seen as almost sacred. It was also seen as the backbone of society. It was believed to be an institution essential for the preservation of law and order and it should not be broken in any of the circumstances. Most of the religions do not allow divorce because it is the result of sin as God did not put a parent and child into the garden. Adam and Eve were man and wife. That shows that the primary human relationship is husband and wife. That is why a man can leave his father and mother but must faithful to his wife. The first relationship is temporary and can be broken but the second is permanent, and must not be broken. Thus, the marriage bond has been established by God himself in such a way that a marriage concluded and consummated between baptized persons can never be dissolved. The Catholic Church does not allow divorce. As they consider that marriage is a sacrament. The couple is married for life, and, therefore to remarry would be adultery. And, Jesus also taught that divorce is wrong in Mark’s Gospel (Mark 10:10-12). And, the couple has made a covenant with God in the sacrament of marriage, and that covenant cannot be broken by any of the earthy power. Also, the Catholic Church says that marriage can only diffused by the death of one partner. Occasionally, an annulment is allowed if they can prove that there was never been sexual intercourse between the couple, the marriage was never consummated and not a true Christian marriage. On the other hand, many Non-Catholic or free churches accept divorce and allow remarriage in a church ceremony, but they usually require them
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