Attitudes on Hiv

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Attitudes towards HIV, Hepititis B and Hepaitis C Infections People in society have different attitudes towards HIV, Hepitits B and Hepititis C infections. These attitudes can be influenced due to factors such as religion, education and socialisation. Certain groups within society have negative opinions and attitudes because of these factors and some individuals have a lack of knowledge and therefore have set in stone negative opinions on individuals living with HIV, hep b and hep c infections. Attitudes towards HIV as a whole are very negative and discriminative. Attitudes from the past 30 years have stuck within society and people are very reluctant to chnge their views if they have grown with negative socialisation and negative media around HIV, hep b and hep c subject. Beliefs from the Southern States that individuals with HIV were cursed and that it was a gay plague, suggesting that it was gay individuals whom spread the infection. These beliefs are very condemning and these views show a general ignorance of society. These attitudes on HIV have, unfortunetly stuck within society and individuals still relate HIV sufferers as being gay, prostitutes, drug attics or as being black individuals. This is due to HIV being believed to have originated from Africa. Lack of education about these opinions equals negative attitudes and negative attitudes equals discrimination. Many individuals living with these infections are discriminated against whether it being missing out on a job vacancie or signing up for life insurance as a lot of insurance companies will not insure a HIV, hepatitis b and c person. I personally think its disgusting and I think these individuals should be treated as any other individual within society. I strongly feel more needs to be done to prevent this. In reality individuals do innocently contract HIV, hep b and heb c. People may have had a
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