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Research Assignment Attitude is, how you express your likes and dislikes towards particular people, things, and occurrences. According to John D Delamater (2001) every attitude is about an object, and the object may be a person, product, idea, or event. Each attitude has three components: (1) a belief, (2) a favourable or unfavourable evaluation, and (3) a behavioural temperament (p. 187). As cited in Jobber in psychology, it is believed that attitudes are rooted in three different components approach: that is, affect, behavioural change, and cognition (slide 13). Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology states “the cognitive component concerns one's beliefs; the affective component involves feelings and evaluations; and the behavioural component consists of ways of acting toward the attitude object. The cognitive aspects of attitude are commonly measured by surveys, interviews, and other reporting methods, while the affective components are more easily accessed by monitoring physiological signs such as heart rate. Behaviour, on the other hand, may be assessed by direct observation” (para. 1). According to Paula Ford-Martin (2001) people hold complex relationships between attitudes and behaviour that can be further complicated by the social factors influencing both. Behaviours can reflect established beliefs and attitudes. For example, a man who believes strongly in abstinence before marriage may choose to remain a virgin until his wedding night. However in different situations, that same man may engage in premarital sex in spite of his convictions after being influenced by social messages that his maleness is dependent on sexual activity (para. 1). As well, behaviour can be influenced by a favourable or unfavourable evaluation. Paula Ford-Martin (2001) states that someone may have strong convictions about improving the public school system in their town, however this

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