Attitude Therioes Essay

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Attitude Theories Every person in some shape or form has an attitude. Some attitudes, such as the one I possess are a lot worse than others. There are many different causes of attitudes. In my opinion, attitudes are hereditary and some are picked up as a person transitions through life. Attitudes are just a part of our life, and we have to just find ways to deal with them and the people who have them. The first attitude theory I chose was the cognitive dissonance theory. This theory proposes that although we may appear logical in our thinking and behavior, we often engage in seemingly irrational behavior to maintain cognitive consistency. (FRANZOI 2010 Custom Edition) This theory outlines how doing a task may make someone feel uncomfortable. It seems that people may try to find a reason to explain themselves for whatever actions they may do. Some people think they can make excuses for what they do. They may feel that a crappy job makes them the way they are. However, they make the choice based on their on free will to do what they want. As I stated earlier, they are merely looking for an excuse. Once they make whatever mistake they are going to make, they then try to find excuses or justifications for their actions. Sometimes, after making the bad decisions, they may have a feeling of regret. They start to wander what if they had done or said something differently. That maybe the consequences will be a lot different. A perfect example of this theory would be my addiction I used to have to prescription pain pills. I was badly injured in battle in Afghanistan and once I returned home, I was put on some very some medication. Even after the pain had stopped I began to abuse the pills. It made me a completely different person. I was living with a lot of regret and would often make excuses as to why I was the way I was. I think this theory

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