Attitude And Tone Essay

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Deanna Joo Ms. Morris Period 5 AP Language and Composition 10 September 2009 Frank’s Emotions and Eugene’s Coffin Frank McCourt has a very unique style of writing; improper and hard to understand yet it captures his perspective when he explains what is happening throughout the book. In this particular part of the chapter, Frank sees his father drinking with another man at the pub. When he sees his father’s pint resting on Eugene’s coffin, Frank becomes upset: “…I want to cry when I see the blank pints on top of it [the coffin]”. This is the first time one should recognize Frank expressing emotion towards Malachy’s drinking. The visual Frank paints the reader of the two pitch black pints sitting on top of the white coffin gives us a strong black and white image, and leads us to assume this is a symbolization that Malachy’s drinking caused the death of his sons (unintentionally). Yet, Frank doesn’t directly blame his father for his drinking (and before this chapter he hasn’t pointed out anger towards the alcoholism). There is no humor expressed in the selected paragraphs, which allows the readers to sympathize with the situation Frank and Malachy are placed in. After feeling upset from seeing his father’s disrespect towards Eugene, Frank expresses feelings of regret: “I’m sorry now I ever ate that toffee and I wish I could take it out of my stomach and give it back to the woman in the shop because it’s not right to be eating toffee when Eugene is dead in the bed and I’m frightened by the two black pints on his white coffin.” There are no commas in the run on sentence giving the reader the perspective of a young naïve boy, babbling on and on without holding back about the way he feels. Though it doesn’t give much details describing how he

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