Attitude Essay

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A Change of Attitude Summary: In “A Change of Attitude” by Grant Berry, we appreciate a life of irresponsibility were high school is just like prison, but after a few years he decide to read were he look college whit other eyes. After finish high school he follows the examples that his father gives him, leave school and star working. Where he just loose years of learning to be someone in life, but he star thinking to be someone. Where he just spends minutes reading about self-help, positive mental attitude manuals, and he take a huge turn where he star reading everywhere. The reading gives him other eyes to see the world, the goal that will change his life, came back to college where he became a dedicated student. That he finish college for be someone in life and for love of his family. Response: In the reading of “A Change of Attitude” by Grant Berry, I wonder if everyone passes by the same situations where reading is not a luxury is a necessity that everyone need to be someone in life and reach our goals. Where high school is not the end of our education is the preparation for college. Like Berry, who decide to continue college and never said that you can’t, that nothing is impossible in this life just the death. I found that this reading give me the strength to continue my education. And how simple is read book where the reading can change your life 180 degrees, and now I need to fight to learn and dominate the language my new
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