Atticus Relationship

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Kevin Fortney Atticus: Most people are, Scout, when you finally see them. Scout: Just like Boo Radely, we all grew up afraid of him and making up games, but in the end he ended up saving us from Ewell. Atticus: Arthur is a good man scout. He just suffered a rough child hood; we all have obstacles we must overcome. Scout: He would leave us gifts in the knot of a tree, almost like he was trying to reach out to Jem and I. Atticus: Arthur was a child once too; he knows what it was like to grow up in this town as you are now. Scout: I just wish more people could be like him; maybe Tom would still be alive. Maybe the way people view black people in our town would change. Atticus: Scout you don’t understand but during that trial we made a lot of progress…show more content…
Atticus: The fact that one of his relatives tried to acquit really surprised me, especially after seeing Mr. Cunningham outside of the jail in that mob. Scout: I knew that he didn’t really want to be there, he was just doing what everybody else was doing. Bringing up his son seemed to really bring him to his senses. Atticus: You have to remember scout that Mr. Cunningham is a person too, with a family and a role in this town as a farmer. Being in a mob can make people act differently, and I think your innocence definitely made him stop and think. Scout: I guess you are right. Atticus: And just remember there are people out there who already accept blacks, there are many that already do. Like Mr. Raymond, he has an African American Wife. Scout: Dill Jem and I ran into him outside of the courtroom. Did you know that he really isn’t an alcoholic? He just drinks Coca-Cola and pretends to be drunk so people don’t question him. Atticus: It’s tough scout, he realizes that they are the same as the rest of us, that they are people too. Others unfortunately do not see things the way he does. Scout: I guess you are right. Atticus: Now you need to get some sleep scout we are going to have a busy day tomorrow. Scout:
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