Atticus Finch Vs Dad Talk Essay

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The Finch vs. the Ewell In the Dad Talk article stated that every “Fathers are fundamentally important to their children. Good or bad, living at home or living away…every dad matters and has a huge influence on his kids’ development”(Dad Talk). In the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, there are two significant fathers who play very importance roles in their children’s lives. The first father is Atticus Finch. He is a lawyer, who disciplines his children by leading them with his moral examples. The second father is Bob Ewell. He is an alcoholic, who spend most of his time drinking from the money he get from the relief and little amount of time with his children. The relationships between these two fathers and their children will distinguish their children’s behavior and character. Mr. Finch has two children, Jeremy and Jean Louise, also known as Scout. Atticus is a busy hard workingman and try to spend every second he has with his children whenever he has the chance. On the other hand, Mr. Ewell has eight children and the oldest one is Mayella, but he…show more content…
Therefore, his children have less conflict and get along with others. On the other hand, Mr. Ewell is a selfish man and will do anything to protect his reputation. His behavior influences his children to behave in a selfish way. For instance, Mr. Ewell irresponsible behavior is what causes Mayella to take advantage of an innocent African America male, Tom Robinson of raping her in order to protect her reputation. As a result, Tom Robinson was found guilty and was sentence to death. Every single man, who is going to be a father, should be responsible for their children’s behavior and teach them to get along with others because a lie could cause a human’s life. This is a book that every man should read before they become
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