Attendance in College Should Be Mandatory

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Attendance in college should be mandatory Some people say that by simply attending a class, students already know half of the material that they otherwise need to go through at home and they gain a lot of practical experience. Thus, colleges should decide to make the attendance for students obligatory. By doing so, they will improve the overall performance of their students, will guarantee their satisfactory results and will encourage socialization. To begin with, by making the attendance in college mandatory, professors ensure that students will be active and will attend classes on a regular basis. Thus, more meaningful discussions will take place and students will be provided with a platform to express their opinions and to develop their potential fully. By participating and being involved in different activities in class, students become more aware of the subject matter, which boosts their motivation and willingness to work and study. Moreover, the transfer of knowledge is considered to be more efficient, when students see the implementation of the information from the textbook in real environment. This can best be achieved in the academic atmosphere of college. Secondly, class attendance ensures that students are informed about their tasks and responsibilities and make it easier not only for them to meet the deadlines, but also for the professors to keep track of their performances and to grade them respectfully. Thirdly, attending classes regularly makes it easier for students to find new friends and to socialize by going out of their comfort zone, which is very important for their future prospects and career. On the other hand, some would argue that there are classes that do not require attendance, because the textbooks are sufficient source of knowledge and information and students can prepare themselves without the help of professors. In addition, in
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