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The importance of attachment has been a phenomenon that has been argued as far back as Ancient Roman Times. In a controlled experiment, Ancient Greeks placed a group of new born babies into a container, where they were feed regularly and kept warm, however while they were having their primary needs meet i.e. food, warmth and shelter, they died due to the lack of human interaction. In this I essay I purpose to define “Attachment” and as the Ancient Greeks did, and show the consequences of a poorly formed attachment. I will also draw on research findings to illustrate my point. Attachment can be defined as a “close, emotional bonds of affection that develop between infants and their caregivers”[1]. According to Kagan et al (1978), an attachment is an “intense emotional relationship that is specific to two people, that endures over time, and in which prolonged separation from the partner is accompanied by stress and sorrow”[2]. These two definitions define attachment as an emotional bond that has been created between two people at the beginning and at any point of the lifecycle. Features such as, “warmth, responsiveness, sensitivity and consistency are critical features of parenting that will enhance the attachment formation”[3]. A healthy attachment is one that meets the physical, emotional and developmental needs of children[4]. To fully understand attachment, we must have a clear understanding of how attachments are formed. One of the most prominent attachment theorists, John Bowlby proposed a theory of attachment that had been widely accepted as the “most comprehensive of human attachment formation”[5]. Bowlby defined attachment as being a “lasting psychological connection between human beings”[6]. Bowlby asserted that if the child experienced a close bond with the caregiver in the early years it had an overwhelming effect that carried forward

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