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Attack Prevention Article Review The article this author has decided to review is an article regarding simple cross-site attack prevention by Florian Kerschbaum. The article discusses how vulnerable web applications and unsuspecting individuals to allow for an attack to happen. This review of the article will include what the article is about, the state of the problem as the original author sees it, a clear resolution, and the conclusion. The conclusion to this paper will discuss what this author felt of the article, if the issue is still relevant, and if this author would recommend this article to others. What the What the Article is About This article details out how a simple cross site attack takes place and the then goes on to explain the solution to the problem. The article starts by giving a very detailed description of the issue at hand, a simple cross site attack. What the author is describing is an issue that individuals still see at this present time. How many times have we received and email with a link that looks like one of our real websites we visit, and how many people have fell victim to this type of attack. The Author goes on to discuss that that the common place for this kind of intrusion to happen is a log on page. The reason being is the individual will go to the link provided in the email and input their personal log in and password. Once the individual inputs this information, the hacker has the information needed to access this individual’s real account or website for personal information. The article then goes on to discuss formal verifications, related work, and evaluation. The evaluation details out sections as performance discussion, applications, and limitations. The conclusion of the article details out how their solution is slim-lined and affective. State of the Problem According to Kerschbaum (n.d.) “A reflected cross-site

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