Attack on Pearl Harbor and the United States Flaws Essay

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Attack on Pearl Harbor and the United States Flaws The attack on Pearl Harbor was an astonishing military strike by Japan against the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor. This attack was not sudden, but an event led up to by previous conflicts arising between both powerful nations. Relations began worsening as Japan set out and expanded in Manchuria. When Japan effortlessly defeated China, the US began to foresee war with Japan. As Japan annexed China and Manchuria, war out broke between these countries. Japan gradually withdrew from the agreements made in the 1920’s, and joined the fascist powers, Germany and Italy. As these three nations joined together, they threatened defenseless British, French and Dutch possessions. US, although being an isolationist country, began to aid the British, French and Dutch and at the same time cut many of Japan’s resources that they previously received from the US. Without these resources Japan could not be as strong as intended and would suffer severely. This left Japan with two choices, either they gave up their earlier gains or they would go to war with the United States. As clearly shown with the attack on Pearl Harbor, war was their intended plan. Although many believe that the bombing of Pearl Harbor was inevitable, there were many events that led to Pearl Harbor, which if taken into consideration, may have been able to prevent this dramatic occurrence. For instance, US expressed harsh racism towards Japan immigrants which caused Japan to feel as if though it was being treated inferior to the other nations, The US placed a restriction on Japan by prohibiting exports essential items necessary for Japans economy, and lastly the United States received a few warning signs that were not taken into account. If these instances were carefully taken care of, the attack on Pearl Harbor could have been prevented.

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