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Throughout the years with younger generations zombies have become very popular. After the release of countless movies, “28 Days Later”, “The Crazies”, “Dawn of the Dead”, “Quarantine” (etc.), involving these flesh munching, blood-infatuated creatures, some people may question, “Can this really happen?.. Is a zombie attack actually possible?” It may seem supernatural and a little too eerie, but the dead do walk among us –no matter what their label- ghouls, demons, or ghosts. However, these somnambulistic, gray and raw torn skinned, carnivorous monsters known as zombies, strike the greatest threat to humanity itself. “What is a zombie?” one might ask. A zombie is a soulless corpse. Often figuratively applied to describe a hypnotized person bereft of consciousness and self-awareness, yet able to walk and respond to surrounding stimuli. Well folks, there are five scientific reasons why a zombie apocalypse could actually happen and humans need to be aware of this and obtain the vital survival information they need to pull through this catastrophe waiting to happen. The first reasoning documented is Brain Parasites (toxoplasma gondii’s initially living in rats programming them to sacrifice their life by a cat in order for this parasite to breed and grow.) Half the world’s population is unknowingly already infected with a small amount of toxoplasmas. Secondly, Neurotoxins; a poison on which acts with the nervous system to continuously slow bodily functions until considered dead. Chemicals such as alkaloids can bring a person back but will not have a memory. The individual will capable of eating, sleeping, moaning, and walking around with faltering steps. Thirdly, the Real Rage Virus: also referred to as rabies, is a brain disorder that turns humans into mindless, violent mortals. For example when Mad Cow Disease, “Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease,” gets inside a human, many

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