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MEMORANDUM FOR RECORD DATE: RE: Action-Type February 23, 2009 Use of DEQ Water Quality/Groundwater Pollution Control (WQ/GPC) Policy Document on Groundwater Sampling for Metals for Long-Term Corrective Monitoring The attached WQ/GPC Policy Document, Groundwater Sampling for Metals: Summary, April 6, 2005, was developed by Wyoming DEQ WQ/GPC when classifying the uppermost aquifer below a coal bed methane discharge impoundment. This memorandum provides clarification on the use of this Policy Document for long-term corrective action-type monitoring. A stepwise approach is recommended for using the 4 options outlined in the attached Policy Document (i.e., begin with Option 1, then proceed to Option 2, then Option 3, and finally Option 4). It would also be appropriate for a responsible party using Option 4 to sample for total and dissolved concentrations (at least initially) for comparative purposes. Attachments: 1. DEQ WQ/GPC Policy Document: Groundwater Sampling for Metals: Summary, April 6, 2005 Groundwater Sampling For Metals: Summary April 6, 2005 Discussion: The goal of sampling groundwater is to obtain a sample that is representative of existing conditions. This becomes especially difficult when trying to obtain a representative sample for certain inorganic constituents, such as metals. The method in which the sample is collected has a significant impact on the sample quality, accuracy and reproducibility. In order to obtain a sample representative of existing groundwater, subsurface disturbance and sample handling must be kept to a minimum. “Sample collection practices that induce artificially high levels of turbidity have been shown to have the greatest negative impacts on sample quality.” (Puls and Powell, 1992) In order to allow the well to recover from drilling and development activities, the WDEQ does not recommend sampling monitoring wells within

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