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Pollock 1 Nicholas Pollock" " Chemistry I Honors" Mrs. Larkin" Period 3" " " " " " " A Pest in Our Side! " " " " " " " " " " 1 Pollock 2 " Abstract Palm Beach County has an extensive array of dangerous chemicals and pollutants that plague our environment. These can be very dangerous, because many are carcinogenic and have detrimental effects on the health of our citizens. It is important for the people to be aware of these, so that they can act accordingly. Some of these pollutants and hazards may be particularly strong in specific places, and that may affect decisions when people choose where they want to live, work, play, and go to school. Some pollutants are results of industrialization and manufacturing processes, while others are a a result of urbanization, and in some cases, other factors in the environment, such as the landscape/terrain, and also any natural disasters that may plague specific areas (i.e. nuclear fallout). " Atrazine is a chemical frequently used a pesticide which is a severe pollutant in Palm Beach County. In 2001, it was the number most common drinking water pollutant in the entire United States. Medical Professionals believe that it may have significant health repercussions including being a endocrine disruptor. Others, including the United States Environmental Protection Agency do not think it to be a problem. A 1993 study found that in 31 high Atrazine use states, there were birth defects in the pregnancy. Additionally, extensive animal research has found significant sexual development issues in organisms exposed to amounts of Atrazine concurrent with the amount that a person might consume in a lifetime of drinking from a source which Atrazine has been leaked into. " 2 Pollock 3 Atrazine was invented in 1958 in the Geigy laboratories. Atrazine is manufactured by Cyaunic Chloride mixed with Isopropyl

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