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Atomic Domination The Race for the Atomic Bomb Kiran Raja 3/12/11 TB: 2 & 5 Ms. Smith and Ms Lafayette It was 8:15 A.M. on a chilly, unsuspecting morning (Fromm). Forty seven seconds later, 75,000 people died (Fromm). On August 6, 1945, the citizens of Hiroshima went on as usual, assuming they were safe from the fighting in their homely city. Little did they know their world would be altered eternally by the weapon that ruined their lives. With the ability to inspire fear and cause mass destruction, the atomic bomb still haunts the world today. Achieving atomic fission was the first step in creating the weapon of annihilation known as the atomic bomb. Enrico Fermi began experimenting with this idea, bombarding different elements with neutrons. A new element heavier than uranium, number 93, was the result, or so Fermi believed. Otto Hahn and Lise Meitner confirmed his conclusions and joined with Fermi along with Fritz Strassman. On January 6, 1939, the team recognized the bombardment split the atom nearly in half, releasing 200,000,000 electron volts. The mass of the uranium atom was converted into energy. Niels Bohr and John Archibald figured out only uranium-235 could be used for this process. An isotope of the most common uranium, uranium-238, U-235 constitutes 0.694% of the uranium supply (Fromm). A chain reaction had to occur for an element to be fissionable, meaning the substance needed to start the reaction would be produced as a result of the reaction (Schmittroth). No new findings were published because of an agreement made by these scientists in March 1939 because they had been suddenly and violently shook by the fact that an accoutrement could be built from their research (Fromm). Like many other machines, the atomic bomb came about as a result of war. At the start of World War II, in the mid-1930s, Adolf Hitler

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