Atomic Bomb Movie Essay

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Atomic Bomb Movie On July 16th 1945, in Alamogordo New Mexico, the first nuclear bomb, known as Trinity was tested. This test was accomplished successfully. It was human nature that dictated the development of a successful and powerful weapon such as the atomic bomb. Human nature was also a major factor that leads to the bombing of Hiroshima. That could be seen as an example of human nature, because humans do what they need to do in order to survive and protect their home. By dropping the bomb, that is how Americas believed they insured their existence and the survival of their country, because the Japanese were trained to fight till the death. If America were to fight with the Japanese, there would have only been more deaths, a lot more devastation, and the Japanese would not have surrendered so easily. In my opinion, there were thing that were done badly and done well in the use of these bombs. In all of the tests that were done with different types of bombs, and the different types of testes done on them, there were never any failures, or experiments gone terribly wrong. That was because they all worked the way that scientists wanted them to. The only bad experiment that was done with a bomb was when they sent Teak (an H-bomb) into space. This was seen as a bad thing, because the bomb turned into a flaming ball and created an electromagnetic pulse that knocked out half of the world’s communications for eight hours. Another thing that was done badly was when they would use people to test the effects of the radiation, and what would happen when it would come into contact with their skin, or if it were to be in jested. The experimentations caused the people to develop cancer and deformities in their skin, which in many cases, caused them to suffer slow and painful deaths, because the radiation would eat away at their skin. In this movie, there

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