Atlantis Outlins Essay

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I. Introduction II. The story of Atlantis A. Where does the name of Atlantis come from? B. The main city of Atlantis. 1. The city contained natural resource, animals, and different minerals. 2. The city contained palaces, bridges, ships, canals, and horse-racing tracks. a. The city also had slaves to do manual work, so people can enjoy themselves in their society. b. The city had military power, intellectual achievements, building and engineering that was advanced for its time. C. Ancient Greek Philosopher, Plato may have based his story on a Greek city that was destroyed by a volcano many years ago. III. How was the lost continent of Atlantis destroyed? A. Gods destroyed Atlantis for selfishness ways. 1. Quotes from ancient Greek philosopher, Plato. 2. Destroyed by earthquakes and floods. B. Some of the famous cities from before the time of Atlantis still exist today and others were destroyed, why? IV. Early known locations for Atlantis. A. Atlantic Ocean B. Spain 1. Satellite pictures suggested the location of Atlantis was in Spain and destroyed by floods. 2. German Scientist are examining pictures with perfect circles underneath a swamp. C. Land bridge – “Pillars of Hercules” V. Researchers and scientific theories on the actual location of the lost continent of Atlantis. A. Researcher Richard Freud 1. The city was flooded and covered in mud from the oceans tides. 2. Freud and his team shot currents underground to see if anything was actually there. a. Freud claimed his findings as a “mock” version of Atlantis. b. Evidence shown huge earthquakes and waves resulted in its inhabitants moving to Spain. B. Robert Sarmast Theory VI.

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