Atlantis and the Lost Pages Essay

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Former NFL player Sean Gilbert’s campaign for NFLPA executive director rests largely on his plan to: (1) file a collusion case; (2) terminate the current labor deal after proving collusion; and (3) negotiate a better deal for the players. Since the labor deal can only get better and won’t get worse, the players technically have nothing to lose by embracing Gilbert — unless Gilbert provokes a lockout that results in a full season being lost. But Gilbert has other ideas. When it comes to Thursday night football, Gilbert wants to ensure that teams won’t be playing games only four days apart. “I will never negotiate over the health and safety of our Players,” Gilbert said in an email to the media. “The health and safety of NFL Players is priceless and should be respected by both the Union and the Owners. “We must recognize that the Thursday night package grows the game. However, I have had numerous players and agents express concern to me over the past few months about the health and safety of playing games on short rest. “I will propose a solution to the problem by changing the scheduling of the season to make sure teams have a bye week before the Thursday night game. This will assure players have enough time to recover.” Only one potential proposal would mesh with the current approach of playing every Thursday night. The byes would have to start in Week One, with the two teams set to launch Week Two sitting out the first Sunday, playing four days later, and getting some extra time before Week Three. From 1999 through 2001, an odd number of franchises resulted in at least one team being on a bye every week of the season, so it wouldn’t be unprecedented to have byes every Sunday preceding every Thursday game, with six teams off on the weekend before Thanksgiving. It wouldn’t necessarily be bad; it would simply be different. It likely would make

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