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Many believe Atlantis was a real place. There are facts and evidence that Atlantis exists. There is also evidence that Atlantis does not exist. Many of the facts rely on the viewer; to decide weather the facts are true, or false. Gods had a huge role in the tale of Atlantis told by Plato. The island was said to belong to Poseidon.(Wickersham 1) In Greek Mythology, Poseidon was the god of the sea. In Latin, Poseidon’s name is Neptune. Neptune fought alongside his siblings in the war of Titans and the gods. This war lasted 10 years. After this war, the gods divided the earth among themselves. Hades took the underworld, Zeus took the sky, and Poseidon took the sea.( Keyes 1) Poseidon had a throne on Mt. Olympus, but he liked to stay underwater in his palace.(Hitchman 133) After creating the island, Poseidon fell in love with a young women, that lived on the island, and then married her.(Waldman 164) Poseidon had children by a mortal woman. Cleito was the daughter of Evenor and Leucippus. Poseidon had 5 pairs of male children. He divided the island of Atlantis into 10 portions, one for each of his sons in which they ruled.(Keyes 2) Poseidon split Atlantis and it’s its islands among his sons. The sons ruled these lands as a confederacy of kings.(Wickersham 2) The name Atlantis comes from the titan Atlas, who is condemned to hold the world on his shoulders after defeat by the Olympian gods.(Hitchman132) Plato was the creator of the tale of Atlantis. Plato was a classical Greek philosopher who together who was the founder of the Academy in Athens. Plato was a mathematician, and writer of philosophical dialogues. As a young man, Plato was interested in politics. Plato’s student, was Aristotle, and his student was Socrates, who was famous for the study of philosophy.(Waldman 165) Plato used his time to teach a range of subjects, mostly

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