Atlanta School Cheating Scandal Case Study

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1. Who is involved? - Atlanta School System Former Super Indendent Beverly Hall District Attorney Paul Howard 34 people were indicted: four high-level administrators, six principals; two assistant principals; six testing coordinators; 14 teachers; a school improvement specialist and a school secretary. 2. What Is the issue/event discussed in the article? -Atlanta GA Former Superintendent Beverly Hall faced charges, false statements theft when prosecutors said some of the bonuses she received were tied to falsified scores. Hall is among 35 indicted on racketeering and conspiracy charges District Attorney Paul Howard, alleges cheating on standardized testing at Atlanta Public Schools dates to 2001 The investigation involved at least 50 schools as well as hundreds of interviews with school administrators, staff, parents and students. The district has about 50,000 students. 3. Why is…show more content…
The Atlanta school cheatings scandal has significant because believed to be the biggest in the nation's history. Its shows, that there is corruption in the American school, the No Student Left behind is based on test the school test scores, if the school has above average test scores. Their education board will get a higher budget for spending on improving the overall school, or providing teachers with bonus. The No Children Left Behind law should provide the school with lower test scores, and get the extra federal funds. This would allow for more motivation in the school`s that are in more rural areas because if the public will see their education buildings becoming more attractive to the eye. They have more of an incentive to start wanting to go to school and learn because they have advanced technology. I think this event has changed the perception of the national security. I also feel that the government should now keeping a closer on United State standards testing scores to see if anyone in the educational work force is committing
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