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2011 ROAD ATLANTA PROJECT Introduction Road Atlanta is one of the most renowned road courses in the world, and it is located in Braselton, Ga. They have tourists from across the world that attends numerous events which are held yearly. The facility is utilized for a wide variety of events, including professional and amateur sports car and motorcycle races, racing and driving schools, corporate programs and testing for motorsports teams. Road Atlanta is a subsidiary of the Panoz Motor Sports Group, which was purchased by Road Atlanta in 1996. The Panoz Group has made various renovations to the facility to make it a state of the art road course for guests to enjoy. Road Atlanta is a fun friendly environment for everyone should experience, so we hope to see tourists visiting one of Road Atlanta’s yearly events. Executive Summary The dilemma we face is if whether or not to open Road Atlanta’s events to the public. The current scenario states that if Road Atlanta does decide to open there doors to the public and charge $25 per spectator they would need 2,975 spectators to attend to breakeven after considering all revenue and cost. In addition, creating a price analysis to lower admission price can influence the demand to attend the events to increase. The ideal ticket price should range from $5 to $15. This price range would keep demand high and increase total profit, but this scenario will only work if interest in the event remains high. If interest drops after Road Atlanta begins the event then they should keep price at $25. Data Collection To receive accurate data for this project we had to conduct online surveys and controlled group surveys to find out information to find which spectators would attend the event of interest. We had an array of questions that allowed us to get a better understanding of how many spectators would attend, how

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