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21st century Atlanta has been experiencing demographic phenomenon that have never occurred before within its borders. More so than ever, new diverse waves of immigrants are calling Atlanta home, significantly changing, not only the urban but also suburban fabric of the metropolitan area. Furthermore, new legislation has caused unseen civil rights movements. In 2006, Atlanta experienced one of the largest marches and rallies for social justice since the civil rights era. This new and changing state legislation and civil rights movements are signs of the dramatic demographic changes that have been occurring in metropolitan Atlanta during the past twenty-five years. The chapter begins by focusing on the new dramatic increase in Latin American immigration and changes in immigrant settlement patterns to suburban areas. In then discusses how local officials and society has responded to increasing influx of immigrants. To understand the recent and dramatic changes that have been occurring, one must understand that historically, Atlanta has been considered a biracial society, with Whites and African American comprising the mass majority of the population. For the majority of Atlanta’s history there has been a significant racial divide between blacks and white in many aspects, including politics, social structure and physical blueprint of the region. However, the ethnic-racial tables began to turn in the 1980 with an economic boom and increasing influence of relief agencies that has caused Atlanta to become a new immigrant gateway. Relief agencies resettled many Southeast Asians in the Atlanta metropolitan area while economic prosperity attracted many immigrants from Mexico and Central and South America, both legal and illegal. Along with the increase in immigration and its diversity came a restructure in settlement patterns. Unlike traditional gateways, immigrants settled

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