Atkins and Murphy Essay

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REFLECTION Reflective Practice Reflective practice is associated with learning from experience, and is viewed as an important strategy for professionals who embrace life long learning. The act of reflection is seen as a way of promoting the development of autonomous, qualified and self-directed professionals. Engaging in reflective practice is associated with the improvement of the quality of care, stimulating personal and professional growth and closing the gap between theory and practice. Reflection can be viewed on several levels |Simple Problem Solving |Using literature and theories to |Consideration of broader forces, of | | |illuminate the analysis of the scenario |issues such as justice, and emancipation | | |under review |and of political factors | |Level 1 ---------------------------- | |Level 2 ----------------------------------------------- | |Level 3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | |Level 4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Models of reflection The work of Platzer et al 1997 identified that learning through reflection is more potent if there is an understanding of frameworks that encourage a structural process to guide the act of reflection. Several models to help you engage in the process of reflection are now discussed. There is no right one. It is important you choose the framework that feels most comfortable for you and best assists you in

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