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Atis Leaves Extarct As a Mosquito Repellant Essay

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Significance of the Study

      One of the greatest risks to our environment and our health comes from the chemical pesticides. In spite of the threats, the government continues its approval of the use of toxic chemicals in making pesticides. Moreover science is constantly developing variations of poisons. On the contrary, campaigns for sustainable development and utilization of green products are very much supported. The use of organic pesticides is one way to do away with pests without posing harm since no detrimental chemicals are present.

      The shocking increase of dengue incidents year after year is a concern of our local health department and the society. Studies show that most incidents affect children and adolescent people. Commercially, there are various products of mosquito repellant readily available for consumers but most of them are highly made from chemicals that are damaging to the skin and are expensive, making it less accessible to most people. That’s why the purpose of this study is to develop less expensive and environmental friendly alternative for killing pests.

Review of related literature

      Extracts of A squamosa fruit pericarp was tested for cytotoxic activity against Dalton's lymphoma cells and HeLa cells. The chloroform extract was found cytotoxic to the different cell lines tested and suggests the potential for AS fruit pericarp for the development of treatment for cancers. (Beena Joy)

      Preliminary phytochemical, pharmacological, antibacterial and antiovulatory studies were conducted on the seeds of Annona squamosa, Linn. Qualitative analysis revealed the presence of alkaloids, reducing sugars, glycosides and steroids and the absence of saponins, resins, tannins and volatile oils. Ethanolic extract exhibited no pharmacological, anti-bacterial or antiovulatory activities of therapeutic significance.
(S. B. Vohora)

      Annona squamosa seed was found to contain 23% oil, of which 9.8% was a hydroxy acid....

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