Athletes Struggle Towards Education

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Veronica Orantes Professor Andrew English 28 15 January 2014 Athletes struggle towards Education Are college sports taking away the importance of an athlete’s education? Schools with a more well-known athletic department put more of an emphasis on a student’s athletics rather than on a student’s education. Being an athlete in college is time consuming. College athletes usually have a time schedule for games and practices that are mandatory for them to attend. It may cause them to miss classes and even lose focus on their education due to exhaustion. The athletic department tends to forget that education should be a priority in a student’s future. They fail to remember that a college education can provide a lifetime of opportunities such as higher earning potential, job stability, and access to more resources. Although, college athletes devote the majority of their time to their sport, they should also place more of an emphasis on education. Colleges should place more of an emphasis on education due to the fact that, a sport is a huge time commitment. Coaches usually give a schedule for athletes that are required to attend during season. Coaches make practices and games mandatory to attend or else the athlete will be punished for missing For example, if I were to miss a water polo practice my coach would not only make myself but my entire team swim an massive amount of sprints. If a student athlete doesn’t manage their time well, he or she begins to see a drop in their grades Even then the coaches will push an athlete over their limits. Athletes usually tend to get exhausted from being over worked at practice. For coaches it is more important for the athlete to give 100% of their time to the sport, even if the athlete is lacking behind on their education. At most times, my coach wouldn’t even allow me to play or compete in a match if I were to miss a

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