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Athletes in the Media Essay

  • Submitted by: tmbullard
  • on December 2, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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1 February 2013
English Composition II
S. Smith
Athletes in the Media
      When you see a person for the first time, what is your initial opinion? While morality tells us we should not pass judgment, in today’s society, stereotyping has almost become second nature.   As humans, we are all guilty of subconsciously assessing other individuals that we have actually never even met, much less held a conversation with. In a moment’s time, we believe we can derive a person’s wealth classification, mental capacity, and even things so personal as to one’s sexual preference, just with one glance at their outer appearance. This is truly one of our Nation’s worst habits, and it is known as stereotyping.
      The habit of stereotyping is not a natural trait, however, as we are trained to classify others through the largest forms of media. We typecast based on a number of things; What color is their skin? What brand is that shirt? How much do they weigh? Actors and actresses, politicians, business owners, and even your own neighbors have been stereotyped at some point in their lives, and depending on their national familiarity, have been depicted in a particular way either on the news, newspapers, or in magazines. Some of the worst depicted individuals are the athletes in the news today, which is the category in which I believe I would be placed, and which would be a true oversimplification of my identity.
      At first thought, a self-assessment of my outer appearance would not prove to be so thought provoking as to place myself into any particular category or class of individuals. Being a young, white male has many connotations on its own, which can be both positive and negative. However, I realize that I may spend a little more time on my physical strength than some individuals, and conclude that if someone were to pass me on the street, I would more than likely be placed in an athletic forum. While athletes can be glorified for their game statistics and winning...

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