Athletes Do What They Want Because We Want It?

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Nick Davis 1/22/2013 Athletes Do What They Want Because We Want It? In his essay “We, the Public, Place the Best Athletes on Pedestals,” author William Moller discusses the problem of performance enhancing drugs in sports, arguing that, it is the public’s fault for holding the best athletes in such high regard. Moller begins the essay with some background information about going to a boarding school during his high school years and how difficult it was pulling two and sometimes three all-nighters in a row. He also discussed how in addition to tremendous amounts of school work, each student took part in competitive team sports and was also required to go to school on Saturdays. (Moller 545) The author lamented about the competitive nature of the students saying “everyone wanted that spot at the top of the class, and social life was rife with competition.” (Moller 545) Moller then tells of the time he snorted Ritalin given to him by a friend and that it helped him wake up and become more focused on his homework. (Moller 546) The author uses this story to show that he did what he thought was required to keep up with the other students, even though he knew it was against the rules as well as illegal. The author equates this to sports in that the negative consequence of getting caught taking drugs wasn’t as bad as failing a test, in much the same way that athletes take performance enhancers to “keep up with the Joneses” so to speak. Though I agree with William Moller that athlete’s take PED’s to keep up with each other and that we place athletes on a pedestal that we shouldn’t, I disagree that it is the public’s fault because we hold them in high esteem. For me it boils down to

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