Athlete Deaths Essay

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The average death of teens in sports in the U.S. is 52.9 out of the 50 states. Teen death in sports is a problem that must be solved because they are losing the lives of athletes each day that goes by. The main causes of teen death in sports are players not being hydrated, environmental conditions, acclimatization, and treatment. The causes are serious issues but can also be avoided in a way to prevent the death of teens. Hydration is a big factor in preventing teens from death. “Players should be closely monitored by the team support staff (including athletic trainers) for signs and symptoms of developing heat-related injury during practice” (“Treatment”). The conditions of the sport are also a big part. “The length of each practice session should not exceed three hours (including warm-up, condition, instruction, breaks, and cool-down) and should be modified appropriately, in accordance with the environmental conditions (heat, humidity, and exposure to direct sunlight) in order to effectively reduce the associated risks and improve the overall safety for young athletes (“Environmental”). “Parents, players, and coaches should all be aware of the warning signs and symptoms of dehydration and heat illness like thirst, irritability, headache and dizziness, muscle cramping and unusual fatigue, nausea or vomiting, hyperventilation, confusion and change in personality. The causes of these deaths can be very severe and should be watched throughout the practices of the sports by coaches and trainers and everyday (“Warning”). People never realize how it easy it is to die from sports especially from dehydration which happens in many athletes because they fail to eat or 2 drink right, “Gabe Gurule was a three- sport athlete at Manzano (Albuquerque), getting recruiting letters for football from big 12 schools. Matt James of St. Xavier (Cincinnati) was a first team All-USA
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