Athens vs. Sparta Essay

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ATHENS VS. SPARTA Athens and Sparta were two great Greek nations that were very much the same but also very divergent. Some of the differences they had were the upbringing of children, views on war, and relations with its nearby nations. They shared such things as the issue of slavery, women's rights, and their ways of citizenship. They had many similarities and differences culturally, politically and socially. Sparta was a sheltered valley on the bank on the Eurotas River. It was protected on three sides by mountains. The climate was mild, and the soil was fertile and well watered from weather. The people of Sparta belonged to three social classes. The ruling elite were called the Dorian’s. They were the only ones who had full rights to citizenship. They then enslaved the earlier Greek peoples, the Achaeans and Ionians. The Achaeans and Ionians then enslaved Greeks called helots. The helots then became such a vast group that they out numbered the rest of the citizens of the Spartans. Helots usually farmed the lots that citizens owned. They would work on their land and produce required food for the city. They had a very limited kind of trade. Spartan’s military was mandatory and strict. The ancient Spartan warriors are known for their bravery, professionalism and skill, a reputation well deserved. Whenever great force was needed from them they were ready. The Spartans also thought that the arts of reading and writing were not necessary. Boys learned the Iliad and songs of war and religion, running, wrestling, and wielding a weapon. They did it with grace and accuracy which was much more important to them. Between the ages of twenty and thirty, Spartan men served as cadets who monitored the country. They kept the helots in order, and disciplined obedience from the enslaved people. The Athenians on the other hand were very different.
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