Athens And Sparta Fight

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Athens and Sparta were two major civilizations that defined ancient Greece, as we know it. Both Athens and Sparta differed in their educational systems, governmental ideologies, military methods and social systems. In history the education system and learning ability of the civilization has shown their ability of creating new concepts. The Athenian civilization let a parent raise their children how the parent saw fit. From our knowledge of the civilization most of the schools were private schools with low tuition so even the poorest families could pay for their children to go to school. The focuses of most of the schools were to teach the delicate balance between war and peace. Therefore the schools both had practice fields and a building where they were taught reading and writing. At the age of 18 the young men were required to join the army for two years to show their loyalty to Athens. Spartans on the other hand were completely different from the Athenians. Spartan government evaluated the newborn babies to tell if they were strong enough to be in the Spartan society. If found not fit the babies were put on a hill and left to die from exposure. Though this practice was not only done in Spartan civilization the Spartans are known for finding the littlest flaw in a baby to put them on the hill. When the young boys grew to be about age six or seven they were sent to a military school where they were taught the different strategies of war. The girls were taught how to please their men with cooking and cleaning of the household. When the boys grew to men they were sent on a conquest with the army and if they fell in battle it was a great honor but if they returned you returned a man. The Government of both societies was a crucial part of their city-states. The Spartan government was a militaristic style government with two kings. One

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