Athens And Sparta

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Athens and Sparta have some similarities and some differences regarding their values, government, status of women and education . They are two individual city-states that are located in Greece. These two city-states have always been in competition with each other but every four years they would come together and have the Olympics. Athens was a little/ limited democracy. Athens government came from a monarchy to a aristocracy. Athens and Sparta held women at the same standards. They were the people who provided boys who would later become soldiers in the army. The education in Athens was girls received little or no education and the boys received it if their families could afford it. Beside reading they studied and learned about music and poetry. They learned this because as a citizen in a democracy they would be able to voice their own opinions. The young boys got military training not like that of Sparta boys. Athens believed that men should put their own knowledge before the military. Spartan Government two kings and a council. An assembly made up their decision unlike Athens were the people made their own decisions. From the early childhood Spartan boys were taken and put in military training. Military came first in this city- state. Women had to obey their fathers and or husbands but in this city-state they had the right to take over rule if their father or husband ever left. Sparta didn’t believe in trade the just took what they wanted. They believed that they were a superior city-state and everything was a competition. Athens and Sparta are both city-states of Greece but they had different values and beliefs. Sparta didn’t believe in trade or learning about poetry or art, they were all about their strong defense system. Athens and Sparta were both great sailors because of their geographical
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