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Athena is one of the most influential goddesses in Greek mythology and one of the most powerful forces on Mount Olympus. Athena is the combined best qualities of her mother and father, in perfect balance. From her father she has power and valor and from her mother prudence and wisdom, earning her the utmost respect from the other gods as well as the mortals. Athena’s realm is wisdom and therefor she is the Greek goddess of wisdom. She is wise, level-headed, and patient. Although she has a gentle nature, she is quick to punish, but just as quick to reward. Athena has the ability to reflect, giving her insight and knowledge for those that she guides, thus making her the symbol of intellect and insight. Athena is the representation for many wonderful things. She is the preserver of the state, keeping order by strengthening the city and protecting it from the enemies. Because of her aide to Greeks in the Persian war, they built the Parthenon in her honor. Teaching is one of Athena’s peaceful activities. She loves teaching with crafts. She teaches mortals as well as immortals. She is most helpful to those seeking wisdom, and has no tolerance for the ignorant. She helped Danaos build a fifty oared ship, and she taught mortals how to tame horses. For this, she is regarded and worshipped as the inventor and protector of the arts or sciences of ship building and horse taming (Robinson and Wilson). Besides being the goddess of wisdom, she is also the goddess of industries and prudent intelligence in war. She invented the plow, the rake, the flute, the trumpet, the chariot, navigation, the spindle, the distaff, and the famous Pyrrhic War-Dance. Athena was the first to perform this dance in the celebration ceremonies following the victory of the gods in the war with the giants; a war in which she also helped victor (Robinson and Wilson). Athena represents the

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