Aten the Living Sun God

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ing Sun GodThe poet linked Aten to the sun and as the first example of monotheism, the importance of the linkage between the sun and Aten is meant to create an observable connection between the deity Aten and the people worshiping him. The symbolism of the sun being ever present and the overall dictator of not just the lives of the people but the existence of everything on earth; cements the importance of linking the sun to Aten; exemplifying Aten’s importance. This can be seen from the verse saying; “Once you rose into shining, they lived; when you sink to rest, they shall die”. This summarizes the importance of Aten the living sun god who as implied here controls the cycle of life with his rising and sinking. When he rises, then there is life and when he sinks, then there is death meaning he has to be present for life to exist. Up to this time, the world and the Egyptian society I particular had not been introduced to monotheism and had been staunch followers of many gods for some time. So it was a rather radical decision for the departure from this to the worship of a single deity. Before the many deities were each responsible for a particular aspect of life like the seasons, calamities, wars or even the seas. Now in this new religion, the idea of a single deity who was in control of all aspects of life was a very different and new phenomenon. The living sun god was responsible for life in much the same way we now know the sun supports life according to science. The sun provides the energy which is absorbed and converted by plant life and then moves on to all of life on the earth. From a scientific point of view, without the sun there would be no life and this is a very similar view to the worship of Aten who is worshiped as being the provider of all life on

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