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Company Name: AT&T Student's Name: AT&T wireless has historically merged well promoting their core business function. Unfortunately, for the organization, some merging and acquisition initiatives have been meet with regulatory and industry resistance. "The new AT&T is an amalgamation that started when Southwestern Bell Corp. (later called SBC) merged with Pacific Telesis in 1997, acquired Ameritech in 1998, bought AT&T in 2006 and adopted the name, and swallowed BellSouth" (AT&T: Meet the new boss, 2007). "…AT&T and BellSouth both face the exact same capital cost: 9.1%. But last year AT&T earned a return on capital of only 3.1%. BellShouth earned 5.9%" (Colvin, 2006). Combined the organizations assimilate $280 billion of capital investment (Colvin, 2006). The belief of both organizations is that the merger will provide synergies of industry drastically to change the industries earnings potential. Mergers and Acquisitions of this caliber commonly require concession by either entity. AT&T pledged to maintain a net neutrality period of 30 days, provide a $10 high-speed internet service, and import 3,000 jobs back to the United States (FCC Approves AT&T's $86B BellSouth Buy; AT&T Accepts Concessions, 2007). "In addition, AT&T will freeze its prices and create price caps for some wholesale rates in order to give competitors access to its network" (FCC Approves AT&T's $86B BellSouth Buy; AT&T Accepts Concessions, 2007). AT&T plans to consolidate Cingular wireless into the corporate AT&T brand name. Cingular store fronts across the country now are displaying AT&T emblems. "According to AT&T chief executive Edward E Whitcare Jr. (now Randall L. Stephenson), ‘AT&T, BellSouth, and Cingular are now one company, and going to market with our services under one brand is the right thing to do'" (Ritson, 2007). "Mobile telecoms is a $1billion-a-year branding business and a

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