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AT&T Inc. Case Study | Presented by Nancy Thornton | | The following case study illustrates a comparative financial analysis between AT&T Inc. and its biggest competitor, Verizon Communications Inc between 2008 and 2009. | | 11/27/2010 | | | Abstract The purpose of this case study is to conduct a comparative analysis between AT&T Inc and its closest competitor, Verizon Communications Inc. during 2008 and 2009. This analysis will be based on ratios, capital structure, networking capital and stock performance. The data presented in this case study will illustrate why I consider AT&T Inc to be the better company in which to invest. AT&T Inc. Company History & Profile When Alexander Graham Bell created the first telephone in 1874, little did he know that he birthed an idea that would eventually revolutionize our ways of communicating today and that his invention would lead to the evolution of AT&T Inc, a major carrier in the Telecommunications industry. In 1874, American Telephone and Telegraph Company was formed as a subsidiary of parent company American Bell Telephone Company but by 1899, the subsidiary purchased the assets of American Bell Telephone Company and became the parent company. The company continued to grow as did its innovation by developing its first transcontinental telephone line in 1915 and the first dial telephones in 1925. In 1927, AT&T began to provide transatlantic telephone service between the U.S. and London. During this same year, AT&T also presented a moving image of Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover, thus becoming a forerunner to the Television industry. By 1948, AT&T began to offer networking services for television in certain major cities in the northeast and the Midwest. By 1951, AT&T made long distance service available to consumers and international long distance

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