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Edward E. Whitacre is the CEO of the AT&T Corporation. In 1996, the Telecommunications Act cracked the door open for the competition. Since then, Whitacre has aggressively refashioned his telephone monopoly in to vast global competitor. This colossus known as AT&T has been referred to the largest telecom provider in the world, earning an unprecedented $120 billion in revenue. In 1999, the AT&T Corporation began this firm effort to expand globally. Their first stop was acquiring the global data network business for IBM. I like to think of this as major step to directly serve global customers and businesses. To further solidify their push for the global market, AT&T found themselves partners Concert. Concert is a communications company designed to meet international communication needs. AT&T has expanded is dominance outside of the United States, which includes over 850 cities in 60 countries. With the fast pace of wireless features in almost every form of communication & computing, AT&T finds themselves dedicated to remote access capability for multinational corporations. Years ago in October of 2001, AT&T went ahead with BT to disband Concert. The AT&T business leaders had used their influence as partners with Concert Corporation to help aid in a smooth resolution. One of the key areas was AT&T’s honoring of Concert’s services to its clientele’, providing services for three years and easing the minds of all their customers. As AT&T ventures out with the globalization endeavors, they need to ensure they understand the potential customers’ traits in order to ensure a thriving marketing

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