At The Heart Of Migration Analysis

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Josh On LALS 1 Huascar Garcia 3-18-13 At the Heart of Migration I still remember the devastating fact Professor Hector told us in the lecture, saying most Latinos came to the United States after 1970, and the number grew to 38 million people. That is an enormous number, composing the 15.7% of total population in United States. There is a plenty of reasons why all the Latinos came over, but it is an important fact that now they are a crucial segment of the U.S. population. However, a lot of immigrants, including illegal workers, still have difficulty in United States. Rafael Vega, an Illinois resident featured in a Chicago Tribune article, is a hard worker who works in separate factories. He wants to obtain a driver’s license, but…show more content…
Just like Latino Americans, Koreans were immigrants, and they have been immigrating to USA, especially to California since 1920s, and severe lives as migrants. Nevertheless, as Professor Hector mentioned in lecture, Neoliberalism, the ideological framework of free market, became in essence of the economy and led Korea out of dire poverty. While Lain American countries were never given a chance, Koreans were lucky to have the chance to spread their freedom and talent since Americans did not discriminated them as illegal drug mobs or gang members of Mexico. Even our guest lecturer, Catalina, talked about how her family lived a harsh lives and they were never given a chance with the concept of neoliberalism. Comparing Mexico, Mexico itself had inner conflicts; they did not just immigrate to USA because of unemployment, but other reasons such as education, poverty. Even the film Bienvenido! demonstrates how Latin American countries contain internal problems in education. The primary schools would rather focus on distributing resources to “promising” students, which is extremely discriminatory. All students have equal rights, but they do not get the chance. Those cases become exemplars of why people immigrate to United…show more content…
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