Asylum Seekers Essay

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“Throughout history, refugees have been often been ostracised and marginalised by host communities. This is made easier by prevailing myths and stereotypes.” Discuss. Throughout history, modern society has unremittingly alienated refugees due to the stereotypes and myths that surround them. They have remained ceaselessly ostracised caused by false rumours, for instance; refugees or people from the Middle East are called terrorists and if they are from the Mediterranean, they are called wogs, etc. Henceforth they are separated into different ‘colonies’. In current Australian society, myths and stereotypes have had a major impact on culture. Essentially there are isolated groups based on persona and culture, e.g. Wogs. ‘Wog’ in Australia is a racist term nevertheless stereo typical against Greeks, Lebanese and Maltese; this is a highly cynical myth along with all the others out there. Some more of these bitter stereotyped myths are; all white Americans are obese, lazy and dim-witted; all Mexicans are lazy and came to America illegally; people who live in England have bad teeth; all African Americans outside of the United States are poor; Jews are greedy and all Asians are intelligent and drive slowly. We live in a horrible world full of disgraceful stereotypical myths and because of this we end up judging people the wrong way. Refugees isolate themselves in small groups, this is caused by hopelessness and because they feel indifferent. Society has marginalised them and hence forth they have been rejected so they group themselves with people of the same culture, religion, skin colour, etc. These refugees need to be surrounded by familiar people for safety, to not feel defeated in purpose and to make sure that they are not disliked, discouraged and dejected. Asylum Seekers fled from their countries because of war and poverty. They came to Australia for a better
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